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iNet Protector allows you to restrict Internet access on your computer
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Many employers opt for new solutions to keep off their workers from accessing non-work related websites (entertainment webpages). One answer comes from iNet Protector, an advanced program that gives you access to various restrictions configurations.

You can specify which webpages can be accessed or blocked while the Internet is restricted, what procedures can be performed (check email, browse web, etc.) or even set the program to disable the Internet connection as soon as the screen saver starts. What annoys me the most is that you need to enter the password too often.
A feature that I consider to be a significant advantage of using iNet Protector is its capability to set individual intervals of time for each user who operates on the computer, whether he's an administrator user or not.

This application comes in handy for parents too. Whenever they wish to restrict their children's access on some websites or even the Internet connection, this program immediately gets the job done.

To be honest, I found this application very useful and effective, so I suggest you to try it whenever you're looking for ways to restrict Internet access.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Comes with many Internet restriction configurations
  • You can set individual intervals for each computer user
  • You can schedule Internet time limit


  • Asks for the password too often
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